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Real Weddings: An Eco-chic + Scottish Wedding!

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Jamie & Mark, in Edmonton

Jamie & Mark's Wedding

Story & Photos by Jolyn Saramaga, Lead Wedding Planner, Nuance Occasions - Edmonton

Jamie & Mark knew they wanted an eco-chic, but also scottish-inspired Edmonton wedding when we began planning, well over a year ago. Living in Fort McMurray, Jamie knew she wanted a formal wedding at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Empire Ballroom - but being such a fun-loving couple, many twists were planned!

wheatgrass green wedding centrepieces & LED candles

Home-grown, green, wheatgrass centrepieces and reuseable, emmision-free LED candles

the wedding room at Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

Green & Sustainable

From the start, the couple had a desire to reduce the "environmental footpring" of their wedding day. Their many ideas were creative, fun and effective - and can be easily plagiarised by any bride wishing to have a green, responsible wedding :-)

  • it all started with Mark's committment to purchase only Canadian mined diamonds for Jamie's engagement ring, to ensure they were not supporting 'blood diamonds'.
  • they chose their invitations and stationery to be designed with FSC certified papers by Pink Polka Designs.
  • their invite included a tear-away rsvp that would work as postcard, so that an envelope wasn't required.
  • the completely organic buffet with a 100 mile menu was prepared by the hotel
  • the wedding cake that couple cut was an organic carrot cake by Simply Elegant, followed cupcakes for guests to help themselves to throughout the night or to take home.
  • in lieu of favours, the couple donated to two charities from their home town - the Fort McMurray Food Bank and the Center of Hope (a Fort McMurray Shelter)
  • they grew their own wheatgrass centerpieces! (which many guests still are growing over a month past their wedding) and
  • reuseable LED battery tea lights where scattered on the tabletops, instead of candles (which apparently produce petroleum emmissions - I bet you didn't know that..).
  • the remainder of reception décor (overlays, chargers, napkins, etc) were all rented to reduce waste after the wedding
  • instaead of disposable cameras, they set up a photobooth (with a backdrop, tripod and camera) and then had a basket of props (feather boas, hats, glasses) available for guests to dress up with and have some fun.

organic carrot cake wedding cake and cupcakes

The organic carrot cake for the couple (notice the scottish tartan on the trim?) and cupcakes for the guests

FSK wedding invitations with a scottish theme

The 'green' invites; notice the scottish tartan accent

Scottish & FUN

A great many Scottish accents, featuring the groom's tartan, were cleverly incorporated throughout the wedding theme, along with various suprising twists and turns.

  • the day started with a catholic ceremony, featuring their themed programs (designed by Pink Polka Designs)
  • in traditional style, our groom wore his gordan tartan kilt and bride in a stunning white and navy gown looked absolutely radiant!
  • Guests enjoyed their signature cocktail, the 'Mark*tini' as they moved from the foyer into the Empire Ballroom.
  • The evening festivities began with the bagpiper Cam Wallace, who piped in our wedding party to a traditional scottish tune and when he returned to pipe in the wedding couple - to the Star Wars theme song (Mark's favourite movie) The crowd errupted in laughter!
  • the garter toss went on without a hitch, except that it was Mark who put his leg up on her chair and Jamie removed the garter from HIS leg :-)

wedding reception photo/video booth

The photo/video booth. Notice the basket of 'props' on the floor :-)

scottish wedding garter toss

A garter toss with a scottish twist!

Jamie and Mark, your day was a truly personal day, designed with your interests and lifestyle incorporated throughout so many of the details. Your love for one another filled the room! I hope you have many fantastic memories of your special day - to last you both a lifetime!!!

Jolyn Saramaga, Lead Wedding Planner, Nuance Occasions - Edmonton

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