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Winter Wedding Gowns in Canada

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Few things can compare to the romance of a great Canadian winter wedding. Exchanging vows amidst soft-falling snow and glowing candlelight can make for an unforgettable day warmed by family, friends and loved ones - no matter what the temperature is outside.

If you're planning on having your wedding in the winter, then the fabric, style, and colour of your bridal gown will likely be different than those worn by brides of the warm-weather-wedding-variety. As the following five styles demonstrate, long sleeves, layered or draped fabrics, and overall opulence characterize the classic winter wedding gown.

A quick Winter Wedding Gown market sampler

Dress #1: Wine-coloured trimming around the sweetheart bodice, accented with beautiful brocade designs make this dress particularly perfect for a Holiday wedding. We found it at Toronto boutique, Bella's Brides.

Dress #2: Heavier fabric gathered at the waist, combined with sheer, long sleeves makes for an elegant, yet simple winter wedding dress. Crystals nicely accent the sweetheart neckline and waist of the dress, bringing to mind sparkling ice and shimmering snow. We found this gown online at Keli Bridal. (the terrible photograph probably doesn't do it enough justice!)

Dress #3: Layered lace and a long, flowing veil may be a bit too warm or too fussy for a beach wedding, but in the winter they can add wow to your wedding gown. We found this dress at Toronto's Felichia Bridal Gowns.

Dress #4: (another disapointing photo.. what's with that??) A high mandarin collar and long, yet sheer sleeves will make you look sophisticated and keep you from shivering at the same time! We found this gown at Vancouver's Sandra Sung Bridal shop.

Dress #5: With its empire waist and flowing poet sleeves, this dress is perfect for the bride who loves a touch of renaissance romance. We found it at Delta, British Columbia's Lady Of Fashion Bridal.

not quite enough?

OK, you know, we agree, this was kind of disappointing.. we found the above gowns surfing dozens and dozens of bridal boutique websites across Canada, in our directory. But we expected more.. unfortunately it seems that winter gowns are not "standard inventory".. they are definitely under-represnted in the various galleries..

A couple of bonus, "real" winter wedding gowns

.. see, what we want to know is where these two girls got their dresses! Both are from "real canadian wedding" stories we run in this blog. First we have Sandra (read about her amazing winter wedding)

and then we have .. well, we 're not telling you, because this story hasn't run yet! But the photo is on Lake Louise.. Come to think of it, I bet you there must be some specialty stores in places like Banff or Lake Louise.. we will research this and get back to you!

Story by G. Melanson

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