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Wedding Hair Styles: To Up-Do or Not to Up-Do?

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Every bride must come up with the answer to this question at some point. We asked professional make-up and hair specialist Michelle Wong what she believes to be the deciding factors in answering the question: to updo or not to updo?

Let your Face Decide your Hairstyle

Regal, romantic, relaxed, ethereal, and glamorous: these are but a few of the descriptions I hear when discussing with clients on the overall bridal image. This is really important in establishing the final look and feel.

Round face

In general, a bride with a rounder face will look sleeker with an updo, and a bit of height at the crown. This elongates the face giving it a leaner look.

Long and lean

A flattering look for someone with a long, lean face would include a hairstyle with softer, looser curls, giving the face a more balanced look


Another factor in the consideration of hairstyle is whether the bride would like to have her neck covered or not. Some brides would much rather that she doesn't need to tuck or fix any bit of hair for photos through the Wedding day, while others feel very bare without the comfort of hair around the shoulder. Half-up-half-down is a popular compromise.

This is what I frequently advise bridal clients to do: bring one or two big jaw clips and elastics to the bridal gown fitting session. While having the gown on, try to twist or bunch up the hair at the back. Though the look is rough, this will give you a good idea on what kind of silhouette looks best with the overall image and proportion, and would also be helpful in deciding the shape and length of the veil.

Michelle Wong: Michelle Wong is a leading hair and makeup artist in Vancouver, BC. With over 12 years of experience, her uncompromising professionalism and attention to detail helps her to ensure all her clients look their best.

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