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Bridal Gowns 2009: Alfred Sung Signature Collection

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Canada's Own, Alfred Sung

Canadian designer, Alfred Sung said it best: "what is more beautiful to see than a woman on her wedding day?" He should know, given his success as a world-renowned fashion designer and Canada's premiere wedding dress dream maker. Sung's Signature Bridal Collection fully celebrates the feminine physique with its intricate attention to the cuts, contours, draping, and flow which separate a garment from a work of art.

Feminine Fashions and Fabrics

In the Signature Collection, Alfred Sung's wedding gowns adorn the bride in a sumptuous selection of materials, including silk essence chiffons, shimmering satins, Angel Tulle, and dreamy organzas. Painstaking detailing is reflected in ultra-fine French seams, pearl-edging, curled hemlines, ribbon hems, and sparkling Swarovski crystal accents.

Six Stand-out Selections from Alfred Sung Signature

The following bridal fashions feature an eclectic mix of fitted and flared, ruffled and smooth, modern and vintage, and sweet and sexy! As Sung says, "I can be either subtle or grand in design, lavish in fabric selection and use, and indulgent in details and ornamentation." Whatever style you choose afor your wedding day, the Signature Collection has a gown to fit and flatter your own personal style and femininity.

Fit for a princess, this wedding dress evokes images of a fairy-tale wedding from sweet and simpler times. The beautiful brocade pattern which covers the bust angles into a point at the center of the waist, elongating the torso and flowing straight into the light, gauzy train. For brides who love the flattering decolletage of a strapless dress but still want the security of simple straps, this stunning number is a perfect fit.

For brides who want to ensure that their dress isn't forgotten amidst the sea of other bridal gowns worn in wedding season, this dress draws the fabric into an unforgettable and eye-catching beaded clutch at the side-waist. From there, a smoother fabric takes over, flowing straight to the ground and elongating the waist. The gathering at the back offers extra glamour, further pulling together this breathtaking look.

The ruffled, high collar on this wedding dress elongates the neck for added sophistication, but still ensures the decolletage is featured with a deep neckline. The way in which the fabric is gathered to one side of the waist into beaded brocade flatters the curves at the bust, waist and hips, then spills straight down into streamlined elegance.

For those who think that ruffles are old fashioned – think again! The romantic, rippling fabric on the skirt portion of this dress is evocative of modern art, and not unlike the frothy waves of the ocean. The slight dip at the waist accentuates the soft curves of the gown, and the slim fit of the bodice provides a sensuous contrast to the flow of the skirt and train.

If you're a bride-to-be who find today's trends in empire waists and A-lines a little too "little girl-ish", this gown is sexy and sophisticated. The embroidered design of the cups and plunging neckline gives the appearance of a fuller bust, no matter your current cup size! Gathered fabric at the torso which angles off to the side hugs every curve of the waist and hips, celebrating a fully-feminine physique. Last but not least, the gathered fabric meets a beaded clutch at the side of the knee, before flaring in a waterfall of gauzy fabric.

Straight out of medieval times, the delicate and regal overcoat of this gown is its most striking focal point, complete with lacy, yet sheer sleeves and two perfectly-pinned covered buttons at the collar. Underneath, a simple, strapless A-line gown flows to the floor, where it meets more intricate lace at the hem, to match the overcoat.

When it comes to a designer line of wedding gowns, you can almost always be sure that nothing is forgettable and everything is fashionable in the selections you have to choose from. For the full catalogue of Alfred Sung wedding dresses, and a store locator to help you find a bridal boutique near you, visit their website:

Story by G. Melanson

To find the Alfred Sung Signature line in a bridal boutique near you, use our Gown Finder, search for Alfred Sung 2009 Signature Collection.

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