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Wedding Hair Trends 2009: hair jewelry

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Latest Wedding Hair Trend

Everyone loves jewelry, so why limit it to your skin? This wedding season, put some bling in your hair! We spoke with make-up artist Jackie Johnson, who offered us some tips for when you want to add some sparkle to your wedding hairstyle.

Jewelry for your bridal hairstyle

  • Pick something that represents you and your personal style. Your piece should also match the style of your dress. The bride in the above picture married on the beach and her jewelry looks almost like a starfish so it worked well together.
  • Size is important. Pick a larger piece if you are a larger girl and a smaller peice if you are petite. This will help with balancing your look with your frame.
  • Shop around and buy it in person, not online. Jewelery, whether for your hair or body, is an important peice for your overall look so you need to take the time to find the right piece. It shouldn't be too heavy unless you are planning to have a pro pin it in for you. You could use a vintage pin and secure it with pins if you cannot find an actual hair clip.
  • Plan your hairstyle accordingly. If you want it to show in photos then it needs to be visible straight on. If you want it on the side, then you won't want it visible straight on, as it will leave a weird shape on the side of your head for the photos.
  • Go for it! Hair jewerly is so hot right now but has such a classic look to it, and is refreshing compared to the traditional tiara.
  • Ask a professional! Try it on even. Experiment. There are hundreds of bridal hair & make up professionals listed in our site. Find a hair stylist in your area, contact them, meet with them, run your ideas by them, put some time aside to have a brainstorm.. That's what they do!

Jackie Johnson: [IMG jackieJ.jpg] Jackie Johnson is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of media makeup. She offers both professional commercial services as well as individual services in and around Calgary, AB.

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