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Engagement Photo Ideas: Creative & Artistic

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Artistic Engagement Photography

Personally, I like images that have meaning. Portraits are fine, but I like to look beyond the faces and see what the photo as a whole has to say; hence, my interest in the artistic engagement photo. If you're like me and want to experiment with an engagement photo that is more creative than the average, check out the following images.

We didn't use the same photographer's work as an example gallery again, but they are so freakishly good at this, we couldn't help ourselves.. every photo on this page is from the incredible portfolio of Jesh De Rox, in Edmonton.

Evolving Love

When I look at this photo I see a couple of many faces. There is nothing static about human beings: we are dynamic creatures who are forever changing and evolving. I like this image as it shows the many different sides of a couple. With marriage, we take each other forever, throughout the changing, even tumultuous times. One thing does remain static through it all though: you and your husband are always there for each other. This portrait of the two shows this connection quite literally. The black and white together with the translucency makes this artistic photo quite beautiful and unreal.

When She Says Jump... do it! A whole new meaning to jumping over backwards for someone! In this case the groom-to-be is jumping over his fiancé, but I like how it brings to life the meaning that being married to someone means you do anything for the one you love. I imagine this guys is pretty spunky, a lot of fun to be around, and perhaps this is his way of portraying the fun-loving side of him. A woman can be thought of as the core of a family and her stable strong face and positioning alludes to a sense of stability. It's a fun image.

Pathway to Passion

There is always a sense of calm after the storm, when we can relax and just lie down and breathe. This pathway looks like a roadway, which are always chaotic and busy. The couple laying down together alludes to exactly what love is: something stable amongst the chaos. The lighting makes it seem as though the sky is only shining on the couple, and ignoring the rest of the world. At the end of the day, or the road, you always have the one you love.

Love is All You Need

There is a lot going on in this image, but the only thing that is steady and stable is the couple. Life can be crazy and chaotic, and relying on solid relationships with loved ones is what get's us all through the ups and downs. This image shows the chaos, but nothing can break the stability that we feel in having someone that loves us. Nothing else matters when you have the one you love.

Time out, Tent style

This picture is cute, but also very artistic. We are offered minimal time for ourselves in this day and age and for the couple to steal away for a kiss in the middle of the mob of people is really what life is all about. Slowing down, and taking the time to show your love for your husband-to-be whenever possible. Of course it doesn't have to be in a tent, but you get the drift! I also like how the blurring in the photo shows the speed of everyone else around the couple. When people are in true love, it's as thought time stops (so they say!).

Finding the Light

I love how the rainbow was superimposed in this image. The rest of the photo, while not drab, is not as colorful, which really highlights the rainbow over the heads of the soon to be married twosome. A common theme, but a lovely one: together these two induce light and color. Isn't that something we all want to create with our loved one when together?

Tangled Up in Love

I just love the way this couple is all tangled up in each other. Focus is on the couple, and the rest of the world blurs away. Not a ton to say here: I think it's simplistically beautiful.

While some of my ideas may be a little far fetched to some, what I'm trying to get across is that engagement photos are a chance to express yourself. An artistic engagement photo as a whole should embody you as a couple: not just your faces, but what you as a couple exude when together. Step out of the norm and express yourself!

Story by Andrea Alford

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