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Bridal Hair Tip: Have a pre-Wedding Trial

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Marcy Panei, from Bella Bridal Hair, in Calgary has sent us this great, real life wedding anecdote and her resulting advice for all of you:

Avoiding hair disaster!

Having a trial up do run is one of the best investments you can make in all of your wedding planning! But more importantly doing the trial run well in advance to the wedding day is most important as you may not like what is done, and if you have the trial a week before your wedding and you aren't happy?!?!?..... YIKES!

For example, one monday afternoon, I get a phone call, a bride to be explains to me that I was recommended to her by the make up artist and that she has no stylist for her wedding day, that something happened and she no longer has a stylist and.....she is getting married on FRIDAY! (yes, in 4 days!) I immediately perk up my ears to this, "WHAT?! what happened??" I asked. "I went for my trial up do and it was a disaster!" she said.

She asked if I was available on Friday to do hair at the hotel they were staying at. I immediately said," you know what, I will make this happen, but you MUST come tonight to meet and have a trial!"

Thank goodness it worked out for her. She loved her hair and felt like a princess! It is rare that a stylist has time that soon to get things done! I work part time and fortunately for her I have mondays and fridays off! (If it were the Saturday, I wouldn't have been able to do it as I am usually booked with regular clients) I just needed my mom to come and babysit that day and away I went! It is important to me that a bride feels her best for her wedding day!

The make up artist that recommended me to her, I have only met once the morning of a brides wedding . She saw that I did great work and thought of me! It is all about networking! Don't hesitate to ask your stylist, make up artist even photographer for recommendations! They will always know someone! (thank you Elizabeth of Aria Studios for recommending me! I will surely do the same!)
(photo of the "last minute" bride taken by me at the hotel)

Marcy Panei, Bella Bridal Hair, Calgary

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