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3 Great Spots for Bridal Brunch in Victoria

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Victoria, BC is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Canada, which makes planning your big day a (sea) breeze. With its mild weather and ubiquitous beaches, there is no wondering why Vancouver Island is a top choice for a Canadian wedding.

Fortunately, Victoria offers plenty of venues for pre-wedding brunches, an essential ritual to ensure all important members of the bridal party feel acknowledged.

Photo Credit: Dane Low, Flickr

And after all, what bride can resist a champagne toast over a delicious waterfront meal, gushing over the wedding excitement with her loved ones?

Brunch With Your (Or His!) Mother: The Oak Bay Marina

Photo Credit: Dane Low, Flickr

Before the wedding, you're bound to be taking your mother, his mother, or maybe both mothers out together, for a beautiful bridal brunch. There are some occasions to watch your budget, but brunch with the parents is no time to cheap out.

Ask people familiar with Victoria where they would suggest a brunch, for a wedding or otherwise, and you're guaranteed more than a few tips to head to the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant.

My advice? Go for the Sunday morning buffet. I lived in Victoria for 12 years, and each time I return this is a must on my list.

It is offers the best spread for even the most discerning palettes, offering a vast selection of foods like direct-from-the-ocean fresh shellfish, incredibly ornate fruit platters, and an omelette station manned by the most gracious chefs.

Just make sure to leave room for at least three rounds; you won't want to miss out on anything, especially the bevy of delicious desserts.

After brunch, link arms with mom, and listen to her wedding day advice as you walk off brunch on the Turkey Head Walkway. There is no greater time to let her share her own bridal anecdotes than now. Trust me, she'll appreciate it.

Bridal Bruncheon With the Bridesmaids: The Cactus Club

Photo Credit: Dane Low, Flickr

Grab your bridesmaids, sisters, girls visiting from out of town, and any other close women in your wedding party, and head to the Cactus Club Cafe for some cocktails and a light lunch.

Since most of the girls are probably a bit figure conscious so close to slipping in their bridesmaids gowns, a salad is perfect for pre-wedding diets. The Cactus Club offers some of tastiest, and biggest, fresh salads in Victoria. Not only that, but it's a lot cheaper the steak dinner your husband and his groomsmen will probably go out for. And, I almost forgot to mention, the Cactus Club has some of the cutest young servers in Victoria: the girls will appreciate it!

A Budget-Friendly Brunch With Your Husband: La Collina Picnic

Photo Credit: Saltspring Vineyard

Make sure you don't forget about your husband during this hectic time. As ironic as it sounds, a lot of brides become so pre-occupied with planning their special day that their husbands often get a bit neglected.

The best part about planning this brunch date is that this one is very easy on your wedding budget. Grab some delicious fresh gourmet sandwiches from La Collina Bakery, and take your cheap -- yet scrumptious -- picnic lunch to Salt Spring Island for a romantic, afternoon for the two of you. While you're there, stop by the Salt Spring Vineyards and pick up a bottle, and spend the afternoon lounging and basking in your wedding day excitement.

Story by Stella Bardot

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