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Engagement Photo Ideas: Dramatic Poses

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Dramatic Engagement Photos

Natural is nice, but everyone likes a little drama in their life, and engagement photo's are no exception! Creativity abounds when you decide to go more dramatic, and it can be a lot of fun working with your engagement photographer to find the picture that represents the love between you and your fiance. A photo is not just a photo anymore: post picture editing can turn a snapshot into a work of art. For those who want to add some drama to your engagement photos, check out the following pictures.

All images are from who is based out of Edmonton (and just happens to be in the directory of a special little site called You should check out It asks you a couple questions about how you are feeling and then it comes up with photos customized to how you feel that day. Pretty cool.

Ridiculously Romantic

This would be a simple photo if done in color, but it's far more dramatic in black and white; a bit sexual, with her being pressed against the cement pole, but tastefully done. It shows the passion the couple has for each other, without being too sexually charged. This type of photo is for those who are open about their love for one another, and not afraid to show their feelings. It's also ridiculously romantic, which I like. Nothing like a man who likes to show his affection for his bride-to-be!

Natural Romance

A great engagement photo combines love with nature. The white mountains are set off by the white jacket. I also appreciate the way in which the couple kisses: I've seen a lot of engagement photos with the mouth too wide open, and it's just too up close and personal for my liking. Besides, no one wants to see the inside of your mouth, especially not your grandparents; leave that view for your dentist! This picture is artistic and romantic, and the use of black and white makes the photo.

Pre-Kiss Perfection

Again, I like that there is no kissing. They are just about to, but not quite, allowing their faces to be seen and leaving the actual kiss for them, not us! The use of light makes this a powerful photo, showing their love for one another. This light could also be thought of as exuding from them when they are together, from the center of their souls. Other than that, I don't think there is a ton to say about this photo: if you get one taken of you and your hubby-to-be that looks like this, you're on the right track!

Nostalgic Love

There was some Photoshop work done to this picture, and I love the result! It is wonderfully creative. I get a feeling of nostalgia when I look at this image; of times past that one would never want to forget. Who wouldn't want to give off that feeling in their engagement photo? The man is just about to run his hand through her hair, and she is grasping him passionately. The black and white makes it dreamy and fairytale like. Have to mention it again: no open mouthed kiss! Thank you!

Simple and Sweet

This couple finds comfort in being together, and knows how to enjoy some downtime: cuddling on the beach! I like the use of shading framing the couple in this image, as it keeps the focus on the bride and groom to be. Their relaxed clothing, combined with the relaxed way in which they are seated makes you want to curl up with your own man! Overall the image is just really comforting, as the love between a newly engaged couple should be!

When trying to figure out what you want your engagement photo to look like, use these images as a reference. If you are looking for a dramatic and romantic way to show your love for one another, these pictures are the way to go. As with everything you do for your wedding, makes sure your engagement photos represent who you are as a couple. What might work for some won't work for everyone!

Story by Andrea Alford

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