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Wedding Fashion: Beach Bridal Gowns

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Wedding on the Beach?

The popularity of destination weddings has increased in recent years - particularly for Canadian couples that want to ensure warm, balmy weather on their wedding day. Luckily, for the beach-ready brides-to-be, this means a wider selection of destination bridal gowns out there.

Less Fuss, More Flow!

To meet the growing demand, designers are creating more wedding dresses that are lighter and simpler, with less fuss and more flow! The following bridal fashions are perfect for the beach or another romantic outdoor location on a warm wedding day.

A Quick Beach Wedding Dress sampler

This chic, strapless dress looks fitted and sophisticated due to darts trailing from the bust to the knee-length front hem. The longer hem in the back creates a slight train, which would look perfect flowing in a balmy beach breeze - without obstructing the bride's march down the aisle! We found this design, called the "Mya", at Vancouver's Paradise Style Group.

With its tiny frill trim at the top and unique detailing on the bust, this wedding dress somehow manages to be light and simple, yet still distinctive and memorable. Worn with a slight heel, this gown is the perfect length for strolling on the beach. We found it at Toronto's Felichia Bridal Gowns.

A simple sun dress with a retro feel, this style is perfect for the bride-to-be who prefers straps, but still wants to feel the sun on her shoulders. Although we found it at Vancouver's Frocks Modern Bridesmaids, it could still be worn as an informal wedding dress for a warm outdoor location.

This dress, known as the "Angela", is almost identical to the "Mya", but with added frill at the bottom, for a sassier, salsa look. We also found it at Vancouver's Paradise Style Group.

Beach Wedding Gown Tips

  • Materials such as crepe, light satin, or chiffon are better for a destination bridal gown than heavy satin and crinoline.
  • Veils are optional for the outdoors, especially if you're having an informal ceremony and dress to match.
  • A slight train is better for a beach wedding than a long train.
  • Barefoot is appropriate for the beach, as well as flats or sandals with a slight heel.

Story by G. Melanson

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