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Wedding Hair: Finding the Right Stylist

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Five tips to finding the right wedding hair stylist

Second to the dress, the most important thing a bride needs to worry about is how their hair will look. In order for a bride to get the hairstyle they are dreaming of, they may need to do some research. We spoke with professional hair and make-up artist Rebecca Mousseau from Pembroke, Ontario for her advice.

Rebecca's Hair Stylist Tips

  • Don't assume your regular hairstylist or just any hairstylist can do bridal hairstyling! Check with your stylist to see if their capable of creating your dream hairstyle and go in for a pre trial well in advance. The sooner you know they can/cant create what you want the better your chances of finding someone who can and isn't yet booked!

  • Investigate your stylist! A good and experienced bridal hairstylist would have a professional website show casing their work. If they don't have a website make sure you see a portfolio of their previous work so you have an idea of what they can do. Don't hesitate to ask!
  • You also want to be sure they are reliable, prompt and practice cleanliness with their equipment. There are usually testimonials on their site from previous brides they've done. This way you can get some feedback on their work habits.
  • Do a trial run approximately 3 months before the big day. Bring pictures, magazines and any hair pieces you'll be wearing including your veil. This way you'll be able to show them a picture of what you want and you'll get the whole effect of what you will look like on your big day.
  • Secure your date with a deposit and sign contracts. This will ensure you won't be stuck last minute with a hairstylist who can't make it!! There is also no harm in contacting them and reconfirming the date, time and location.

Tip: You always want a hairstylist who can suggest which style compliments your dress, face shape, theme, features etc. You also want someone who can tell you how you can achieve your ultimate hairstyle! ex: if you have short hair and your ideal style is long loose curls your stylist can suggest clip-in extensions, etc to achieve that look. Its your day, you get what you want!

Rebecca Mousseau: Based in Pembroke Ontario, Rebecca's passion for hair began as a teen. She has worked for many fashion shows throughout the Ottawa area, and believes that education is key in keeping up with the latest trends and fashion in hairstyling. She currently works for herself doing wedding parties, fashion shows, photo shoots, glamour shots, proms and special occasion hairstyling.

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