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Must-haves for Hair Mishaps on your Wedding Day

Of course we'd all love for things to go according to plan on our wedding day. If everyone would smile nicely, mind their p's and q's and be extra careful that might happen. In reality, you can almost plan for something to go wrong and when this is the case, you'd better be prepared.

Top hair stylists carry go-to items in their kits when dressing A-list celebrities. Because your wedding day is the ultimate red carpet moment, be sure to have your mother, maid of honor or sister tote along essentials for preventing a wardrobe malfunction. This "survival kit" shoudl contain at least the following:

  1. Double-sided tape:
    So many brides don strapless dresses these days, no matter what the season, so keep things in place with double-sided tape. It's inexpensive, pain-free and allows you to dance the night away without worry about a slipping bodice.
  2. Baby wipes:
    Use them for everything from removing a still-fresh stain (remember to dab lightly; do not rub the stain further in) to cleaning up makeup gone awry without hassling with makeup remover.
  3. Shoe pads:
    If you're doing a destination wedding, omit this, but for the rest of us whose focal point for a month leading up to the wedding is our shoes, remember that after 3-4 hours your feet will be in pain. Keep shoe pads handy or wear them from beginning to end to ensure you're never losing the moment because of your shoes. Tip: there are many on the market made for open-toe shoes, so don't live with the pain!
  4. Q-tips:
    For quickly cleaning up eye makeup after an emotional ceremony or toast.
  5. An extra pair of pantyhose/stockings:
    If you're wearing them, be sure to pack an extra pair. If your bridal party is wearing them, pack a few extra pairs because there's always the possibility of snagging them on a chair or your nails.

Anything else you might need is icing, but these go-to items (especially the first four) can be lifesavers in a pinch. Consider packing the things along with your makeup, in a bag or case that is easily identified by your mother or bridesmaids, in the event they're the ones tending to your fiasco.

Story by Samantha Cabrera

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