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Bridal Gowns That Won't Break the Bank

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Affordable Bridal Fashion in Canada

If you're a bride in Canada and you want to own your gown without spending half the wedding budget on it, then you're not alone. Even in sunnier economic times, most brides tend to aim for a reasonable price on their wedding dress, so that the fashion statement they make on their Big Day doesn't have to be: "Sorry we could only afford crackers and water for you guys - but isn't this dress fierce?!"

Do these look like "budget" bridal gowns to you?

The good news for the bride on a budget is that you don't have to sacrifice style in order to avoid breaking the bank. Whether you call them inexpensive, a great bargain, or cheap, the following stylish selections prove that wedding gowns can be as fashionable as they are affordable!

Dispelling the "cheap bridal gown = boring bridal gown" Myth

Even though, generally speaking, inexpensive bridal gown designs will tend to stick to a simpler style, every once in a while you stumble upon an extremely detailed and ornately elegant option, such as the gorgeous wedding dress above, which we found on sale for $800, at Toronto's Felichia Bridal Gowns.

Market Survey: Gown Styles to suit every Bride

A halter-style neckline can be the ultimate in sophistication when it follows a sleek silhouette such as the one on this wedding dress, "Style Jolie", available for only $299.00US at online bridal store Paradise Style.

Unique detailing such as the gathering at the waist and embroidery pattern trailing down the front make this gown memorable and unique, yet still elegant and understated. We found it at Langley, BC's Treat Bridal Gown Consignment, which sells both new and gently-used gowns.

This gown stands out from the sea of strapless numbers because of its beautiful bouquet-style floral gathering at the side of the waist, trailed by light layers of floating fabric. We found it for a steal - only $550 from a sample sale selection at Stella's Bridal Galleria, another great online retailer, this one based in Winnipeg.

The sweetheart bodice of this gown is framed with bands of satin trim, which also come in navy blue, black, champagne, rose, teal, sage, and more! Jeweled embroidery also accentuates the A-line style of the gown, which we found on sale for $599 at Toronto boutique, Bella's Brides.

Story by G. Melanson

Remember: these were just a sampler, a fraction of what is actually available out there. With a bit of research, you should definitely be able to find your dream dress that respects your wedding budget. Browse as many bridal boutiques in your area, or online, perhaps make a service request specifying your total budget and what you have in mind. For our part, we will run more stories like this one, as often as we can..

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