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Wedding Planning Advice: Jennifer's Tips

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Small Wedding Details your are likely to Miss

Jennifer Jacula is a freelance writer and wedding and portrait photographer in East Central Alberta. (you can visit her website at She loves to share her experience with us, whenever possible. Today, she has collected a list of "bet you hadn't thought of that!" wedding tips, to help you with the little things.


  • If you have young children of your own, appoint a child handler who isn't in the bridal party and who isn't a parent of the bride and groom. Make it their responsibility to ensure the kids are fed, dressed and happy so you don't have to worry about it on your wedding day!
  • If there will be children at your reception, set up a kids table with paper, coloring books, crayons and other fun, quiet activities to keep the kids busy!


  • Feed your bridal party! Plan to feed them three meals, plus snacks. That means food and refreshments in the morning at the salon, lunch before the ceremony, supper at the reception and snacks in between. Feed your photographer and anyone else who is with the bridal party all day, too.
  • Nobody likes fruitcake. Seriously. Just say no to fruitcake for your wedding cake or for your guests to take home, and get something delicious instead
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  • Communication, communication, communication! There's no such thing as being too organized. Make sure all pertinent parties have the itinerary for the day, the minister or marriage commissioner knows what additional announcements need to be made before the ceremony (ie. No photography during the ceremony, when the receiving line will be, if refreshments will be served between the ceremony and reception etc.), and that the emcee has all the information he or she needs on the bridal party and families, answers to any quiz questions, and how to choose which tables eat when at the buffet.
  • Make sure all family members who are required for photos know where to be and when, well in advance of the wedding day – and that they all have transportation to get there.
  • If you're getting married in the winter, or just need an indoor location for back up in case of rain, book that location when you book your church, reception venue and photographer. The best photo spots book up very quickly!
  • Ask for, and accept, help. People LOVE to help out with weddings, and no task is too small. Someone will be happy to do all of those last minute things for you – picking up the flowers, taking the cake to the venue, picking up the food trays for the bridal party to snack on – so you have less running around to do on your big day.
  • Splurge for a pre-wedding cleaning lady. If you're getting ready at your home, it will look great in photos, and it will be one less thing you have to do before the wedding. Get a massage instead!
  • Be prepared! Put together a wedding survival kit and keep it with you throughout the day. Google wedding survival kits for inspired suggestions on what to include. Putting one together can be a fun activity for you and your bridesmaids. Don't forget the cute bag to keep it all in!


  • Don't buy your dress a size too small and intend to lose weight before the wedding. It probably won't happen. Buy one that fits, and if you lose weight before the wedding, yay! It's easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out.
  • Choose comfort over style when it comes to footwear. Those heels might look great, but you'll hate them by the end of the day. Walk down the aisle and party it up in a pair of flats, sandals or sneakers – no one will see them under your dress anyway! You can have fun bedazzling and blinging up a plain white pair of footwear until they look wedding-worthy, and then show them off!
  • Buy a pretty hanger for your dress, so it will look nice for photos! Plastic hangers are always ugly, so get a nice wooden or fabric-wrapped one instead.
  • If your ring is a tight fit, Vaseline your ring finger just before the ceremony to ensure smooth sailing.

    Thank yous and speeches

  • If the best man is married or in a serious relationship, be sure to thank his significant other during your speech. Chances are pretty good that she did most of the tasks that were the best man's responsibility, and helped out a thousand other little ways throughout the day. A thank you goes a long way!

Story & photos by Jennifer Jacula. More stories by Jennifer >>

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