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The Case for Destination Weddings

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We were recently talking with Susan Gill from All About Honeymoons about emerging wedding trends in Canada, notably a recent shift to strictly budgeted do-it-yourself affairs. Then she surprised us: "That's why more and more people are considering a destination wedding" she said; "It is simpler and cheaper". Not what we expected to hear, at all. "Simpler" sure, but "cheaper"?? Obviously this warranted further investigation!

Destination Weddings: the 'obvious' benefits

The reasons for considering a destination wedding have always seemed fairly obvious: Canada is cold - all those exotic destinations are not! Add the romantic aspect, the opportunity to have a really different and memorable wedding location and the fact that you were going on a honeymoon anyway and this sounds more and more like a very attractive idea!

Well, surprisingly, it looks like the conventional wisdom on destination weddings may not be complete; it may not actually do the idea enough justice.. It turns out that, besides their more obvious benefits, destination weddings may actually be the economical alternative to a traditional wedding! A wedding is not really a cheap project on a good day, never mind how we all end up over budget :-) So, there something very attractive to an idea that (a) saves money (b) delegates just about all the work to someone else, no?

We asked Susan to explain this a bit further..

Destination Wedding as a 'cheap' alternative???

You may be in the midst of planning your wedding and are considering exchanging a traditional church wedding for a destination wedding and honeymoon. You can imagine the romance of it all - exchanging vows on a white sandy beach, with turquoise waters and gentle breezes as family and close friends are close by.

But couples are also considering an all-inclusive destination for some much more practical reasons.

  • It costs much less that a traditional church wedding and reception.
    Many all-inclusive resorts will provide a selection of wedding day packages, some free of charge.
  • It is much easier! This can be a completely worry free experience. You relax as the resort takes care of all the details. Once you say your vows, you can unwind and enjoy the sun!

Family and friends love to join in the festivities, and are well aware they will be paying their own way. Not only will they be a part of your special day, they will enjoy a fabulous vacation as well.

(this seems to be the trade-off: you save a lot of time, money and effort, but a lot of it is simply transfered to your guests. The result is probably going to be a smaller wedding, which is not a problem if you an intimate affair in mind in the first place. On the other hand, the guests who do show up are also having a vacation, which for a they may have been planning anyway, especially if your wedding is in winter; so they are receiving "full value"! - the editor.)

  • Resorts can plan a reception for you and guests through many of the on site restaurants.
  • Most resort chains offer private dining options customizing it to your taste, needs and budget.
  • Many resorts include fun activities such as scuba diving, water sports, or golf, making this a vacation to remember.

Planning this location of love involves some organization details. Determine a budget, research locations and resorts, and work with a destination wedding and honeymoon planner who understand the travel business and can customize travel plans for you and your guests. Once you have established a resort, you can invite quests and have them save the date, at least 6 to 12 months before.

So if your desire is tropical breezes, beautiful beaches, and hours of relaxation, maybe a destination wedding is you!

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