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Wedding Hair Trends 2009: the messy french braid

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Hot Wedding Hair Trend

If you're getting married in the New Year, it's time to start thinking about what kind of hairstyle you want for your big day. We asked Vancouver hair stylist Emily Roop about the hottest new styles for brides in 2009.

The Messy French Braid

When I'm trying to choose a style for a bride I look to the red carpet. One trend that has become very popular on the red carpet lately is the messy french braid. What I like about this trend is that unlike many other bridal hairstyles, the interest is in the front. I've seen so many brides choose styles with beautiful intricate patterns in the back, but from the front, they don't look like anything too special. When you are getting your wedding photos taken, they are of your face, not the back of your head, so it make sense to have a hairstyle that looks good from the front as well as the back.

The french braid can be worked into a variety of different wedding hairstyles depending on the type of look you are going for. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amanda Bynes and Anne Hathaway depict three different versions of this trend.

Which variation is best for your bridal hairstyle?

Modern Versatility

Gellar's style (above) is the most modern and my personal favorite, with messy curls pinned loosely in the back. This style works well with a formal or casual dress, and is appropriate for both daytime and evening weddings.

Soft Youthfulness

Bynes's hairstyle is soft and youthful, with the majority of the hair left down in loose waves. This style is best for outdoor daytime weddings, but by moving the part to the side, and with a little more finish on the hair that is left down, it can be transformed into a more chic evening hairstyle.

Polished Sophistication

Hathaway's style is the most polished, with a smoother braid and a neat bun in the back. This style is appropriate for a formal dress and formal settings, and works well with a wedding veil.

Emily Roop: With nearly a decade of experience hair styling in Vancouver, Emily has thrived off of her passion for creating individual style for each and every one of her clients. With a creative flare, she approaches each project as though it were her most important one, offering not only unique hairstyles, but exceptional customer service, which is forgotten by many others in the field.

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