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Booking a Makeup Artist: Dea's Tips

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Story by Dea Code, iDea Makeup Application

Bridal Makeup: the 14-hour Face!

You bought your dream bridal gown, you booked the "best" photographer 3 years in advance, (even before you got the ring) and the BIG day is approaching fast! You have your whole look planned down to the seed pearls on your headpiece.
But what about your makeup?? Is your makeup going to be as perfect and professional as all the other wedding details?

    Your face is what everyone will be looking at, for ~14 hrs on your wedding day!

  • Your photographer will be focusing - zooming - capturing those happy moments.
  • Your groom will be looking into your eyes and enjoying every moment with his bride.
  • Your friends, family and even your future mother-in-law will be snapping pictures, watching your every expression
  • and you will be hoping that you keep that perfect look together until you finally slip away and take off those shoes!

Ok, are you convinced? So here are some points to remember when booking and why you need an expert to pamper you on your wedding day:

    Dea's Bridal Makeup Tips

  • Choose a makeup artist that has print advertising or television experience. They know how to choose colours and finishes that will last the whole day and look great under the scrutiny of a camera lens.
  • Choose an artist that has done many faces! Their experience will bring out the best of your features... especially your eyes.
  • Make sure they are using a high quality name brand cosmetic line. (e.g. Chanel, Dior, Stila) The better the product, the more polished, and precise your makeup application will be.
  • Book a trial run approximately 1-2 months before the wedding day. The artist should be asking you about the theme of the wedding, the effect you want, your colour scheme and most importantly, you will have a chance to have the makeup applied in advance, to test it's staying power and for you to see how you will "look and feel" well before you walk down the aisle. (Book your trial makeup for around the same time of day you would be getting it done on the wedding day - that way you will see how it looks by the end of the night!)
  • See samples of their work! The proof is in the pudding..
  • For bridal parties of 5 or more, they should have an assistant they can bring to keep the appointments within a reasonable time frame.
  • ..and finally, you should work with someone you click with. Someone who will listen to you and hear what you want. A makeup artist, like a hair stylist, has to develop a rapport with will KNOW when you meet them!

Dea Code is a Winnipeg makeup artist with 20 yrs experience, across Canada.
Her training is from Paris and Montreal, in skincare, makeup and current styles; she was the Western Canadian makeup artist for CHANEL for 14 years; her wedding makeup has been featured in Wedding Bells, The Jewish Post and Chatelaine; she also has 10 years experience in commercial makeup, working for W Network, CTV, CBC and numerous photographers.

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