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Wedding Invitations 101 | Styles, Part 5: The Budgetist

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The Budget-conscious bride knows that you don't have to compromise quality to find affordable wedding items. Being budget-conscious for your big day simply means shifting around some of the costs so that you don't blow too much of your budget on any one thing - and that includes invitations!

The following selections for the Budget-Conscious bride feature some of the most affordable invitations from a variety of styles and vendors. These invites prove that you can still find invitations "on the cheap" without looking like you cut corners.

Get online: This "Cherry Blossom" invitation package starts at $132.50. This and other unique invitation packages like it are priced up to 25% less than the competition, because the retailer operates solely online. We found it at Baron Cards. Search the internet for online wedding invitation retailers - there are some very good deals to be had.

Start with a budget: This lovely lacy pattern is part of an invitation package that specializes in personalized designs and pricing. Courtesy of Par Avion Design, you send them your budget and they'll work with you to come up with invitations that fit within your price range.

The package method: With prices starting at $220 for seven-piece packages, you get to pick from over 100 different designs that are fashionable and affordable. Courtesy of Bolton, Ontario's Sweet and Simple.

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DIY:Another great way to lower the cost of wedding invitations is to consider a do-it-yourself kit (DIY) such as the one featured here in "The Paige" design. Kits come with pre-cut cardstock, envelopes, MS Word Templates on CDs, and more, from Calgary, Alberta's The Uncommon Bride.

Story by Giselle Melanson.

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