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Make-up Tips: How to keep your Face Fresh for your Wedding Day

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Keeping your makeup looking fresh all the live long day can be quite a task when it comes to your wedding day. The obvious way to do this? Look to a professional makeup artist who can accent your best features. A good makeup artist knows that the key is working with the bride's natural features and making her look like herself, only better. After all, no one needs to don gobs of mascara and pounds of blush just because it's their wedding day.

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Regardless, the basics will not change. Whether you hire a professional or not, the following tips should ensure that the basics are taken care of..

  • A few weeks before the wedding, being to prepare your skin and keep it in tip-top shape. Drink plenty of water and don't let wedding plans keep you from getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Moisturize, and don't forget to include your shoulders, arms and chest if your dress shows some skin.
  • When deciding your look, be sure you consider the ambiance of the wedding. A dramatic eye can work with an evening affair, while an outdoor wedding should have a natural approach.
  • Coordinate with your wedding photographer. You will not look the same outside as you look indoors under flash photography. Your photographer should be able to give you some pointers too. (it is no accident so many photographers are pairing up with make-up artists these days -ed.)
  • Stick with a neutral palette of colors (these will last the best), and have a look in mind when you meet with your makeup artist.
  • Always opt for a primer. A primer will create a smooth canvas for makeup, and also help it adhere to the skin no matter what the conditions.
  • Waterproof your wedding. Opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and pass this tip along to everyone in the bridal party.

If you decide to go with a professional, be sure to arrange a run through prior to the wedding to ensure you're on the same page. Some makeup artists offer discounts if more than just the bride would like their makeup professionally applied, so be sure to inquire about prices and scheduling for your mother and bridesmaids in the initial conversation.

Story by Samantha Cabrera

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