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Wedding Invitations 101 | Formats & Layouts

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As if the modern Canadian bride didn't have enough choices to make for her big day, it turns out that one seemingly-simple decision (Which invitations should we order?) can actually spawn several more (Which style should we choose? What else do we send with the invitations?)

Our previous features on wedding invitation styles and stationary have already addressed the many options available in those categories. Now, this latest feature brings you a selection of formats and layouts for your wedding invitations - and hopefully one step closer to ordering the ones you want!

Wedding Invitation Layouts


("corset" invitation by Par Avion Design in Vancouver)

In the past, most wedding invitations were folded in half to form a card. Although this format isn't as popular as it once was, you can still find folded invitations - and with a modern twist, such as this "corset" design which opens like an armoire.


(invitation by Powder Room Cards in Calgary)

Many invitations come in layers of different papers and materials, such as this design which features textured floral paper as the second layer and vellum as the top layer.

Flat Panel

(flat pannel invitation by The Uncommon Bride)

Flat panel invitations are typically 5" X 7" and printed on sturdy cardstock. Flat panel is also a popular format for thank you cards and insert notes.


(invitation by With Your Touch in Calgary)

Basically a longer version of the flat panel, tea-length invitations are usually 4" X 9 ¼".

Pocket Folder

(pocket invitation by Invitations by Design in Toronto)

Pocket folder invitations are a great way to package all of the items your guests will need, such as RSVP cards and maps, which are tucked into the folder.


(invitation by Par Avion Design)

Like the pocket folder, booklet invitations package all of the directions and details your guests will need to plan for your wedding. Ribbon or rafia binding also adds a decorative touch.

Story by Giselle Melanson

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Wedding Invitation Stationary

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