updated: Aug 17, 2017

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Fashion Casbah

{ Online Store }

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Gold Canyon Candles

{online store}
tel: 613-762-7151 fax: 613-822-5223 800: 800-571-0657

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Heartsakes- Truly Custom Keepsake Gifts

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tel: 519-688-5915 fax: 519-688-9435

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incrEDIBLE toppers

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Indigo Sarongs

{online store}
tel: 604-986-6400 fax: 604-986-6431

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{online service}

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Magazine Mint

Windhaven Drive, Mississauga [map]
tel: 416-902-3959

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MOMpowered Inc.

204a-2660 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa [map]
tel: 613-304-2970

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Photo Video Treasures

tel: 613-762-6732

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[ Online ordering], Ottawa [map]
tel: 613-261-2354

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