updated: Jul 25, 2017
Carpenters' Hall

1206 Kingston, New Westminister
tel: 604-524-9151


Centennial Lodge

Queen's Park, New Westminister
tel: 604-777-5111

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Corporate Inn

379-12th Street, New Westminister [map]
tel: 604-777-7787 fax: 604-777-7797

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Creekside Community Recreation Centre

1 Athletes Way, Vancouver [map]
tel: 604-257-3050

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Elks Club of New Westminister

680 Clarkson St, New Westminister
tel: 604-524-6524


Glenbrook Park Amenities Centre

76 Jamieson Court, New Westminister [map]
tel: 604-520-0876 fax: 604-523-0818

  email    website 

Inn at The Quay

900 Quayside Avenue, New Wetminster [map]
tel: 604 520-1776 fax: 604 520-5645

  email    website 

Queensborough Community Centre

920 Ewen Avenue, New Westminister [map]
tel: 604-525-7388


Roma Hall

940 Ewen Ave, [ across the queensborough ], New Westminister [map]
tel: 604-521-8320

  email    website 

The Columbia

530 Columbia Street, New Westminister [map]
tel: 604-522-4500

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